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In 1983 'LIBERTY' lost the America's Cup to the innovative 'wing-keeled'  'AUSTRALIA II', ending a 132 year U.S. winning streak. The cup moved to the Royal Perth Yacht Club in Australia.
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Liberty U.S. 40: NYYC's luckless loser of the AC 1983
Yacht / Country : Liberty / USA Sail Number : 12 US 40 Syndicate :    Freedom Campaign 83                     SUNY at Ft. Schuyler Yacht Club:    New York Yacht Club (NYYC) Designer :      JohanValentijn Boat Builder : Newport Offshore Ltd. 1983 Skipper:         Dennis Conner 1983
1983 was the first year of the Louis Vouitton Cup (LVC) where the challenging Yacht Clubs had to evaluate the winner who sails against the AC defender. A similar selection has  been organized by the New York YC which was called  defender series. The defender selection has been organized in 2 groups. The first one with the veteran  Courageous and the new Defender. The second one with the AC 1980 winner Freedom  and the new Liberty. Although the experienced “sailing icon” Tom Blackaller  was the skipper of Defender, the boat turned out to be slow. No considerable care was taken to improve the performance of this beautiful yacht. Courageous was fast and made Liberty a hell of problems . But she was omitted, probably because an over-aged boat was not a good reputation in a modern and forward looking event. Freedom was rebuilt, lost by a great mistake her 12-m rating and could not be used any more. Liberty was left as candidate. She was therefore considered as questionable boat. But the yacht was the only one up to now which forced the challenger to sail all 7 rounds before she lost  finally 4 : 3. Liberty won the defender selection series but lost the Americas Cup in 1983. 1989 she was sold to an Japanese broker and shipped into this country. Nowadays she is lost. Searching for her I received 2009 from the leading  Japanese sailing magazine KAZI following answer :
“ For the boat, Dennis Conner's 'Liberty',we do not know about what she is doing now. However, she had been in Japan certainly. We know some sailors who had sailed Liberty. Since she has been lost, many people looked for her, and we received a lot of inquiries about it. May be someone who didn't know about her history sold or let her die (rusting away) “
But the yacht was the only one up to now which forced the challenger to sail all 7 rounds before she lost  finally 4 : 3.
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