© K. Urtz 2013 1992
The CITIZEN CUP 1992 The U.S. A. were the official defender of the AC. Since two syndicates sponsored by the San Diego Yacht Club, competed for the defence, a Defender Selection Series  had to be organized to determine the  Defender of the AC. The event got its name from the Japanese watch maker and sponsor CITIZEN
The yachts sailed 4 Round Robins (RR1-RR4 where points were collected) and the Final. RR 1: USA-11 against Jayhawk and Defiant , RR 2: USA-11 versus Defiant and America3. RR 3: the same opponents as RR2 RR 4: USA-11 against America3 and Kanza. Final: America3 USA-23 wins against  Stars & Stripes USA-11 and becomes official defender.
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