Emirates Team New Zealand Challenger for the 34th America’s Cup
After the crash of the team in the AC 2000 and a victory in the LVC 2003 New Zealand's team under Grant Dalton, Dean Barker and the financial support of Emirates Airlines is again a strong team that is the favorite among the challengers. The New Zealanders also helps  the sophisticated yacht- and its supply-industry. Oracle itself orders his wings at Core Builders in Warkworth. Videos show that the Kiwis are not afraid of hard trainings in extremely strong winds. In safety training the crew is learning safe jumps from a great height. The crew members also carry a small pressurized air bottle and a knife. For the case they should be pressed in a rollover by the trampoline net under the water. Analysis of the photos from Oracle capsized AC72 catamaran show that crew members were hanging in about 14 m height on the trampoline. For the AC World Series the team sail an AC45 For the LVC and the AC  a second AC72 is under construction.
Emirates Team New Zealand
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The New Zealanders also helps  the sophisticated yacht- and its supply-industry.
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Good to see are the steering wheels, the "coffee- grinder" with the coupled winches and several crew members on the safety net, the trampoline.
The bent dragger-board with the L-shaped foil is on the windward side pulled up, on the leeward side lowered about halfway.
All photographs show the NZL-5, the second AC72 catamaran of ETNZ
The wing carries on the top already the Loius Vuiiton Cup logo