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This website was launched for the first time in November 2010 with altogether 26 chapters Now, in June 2014, it contains 160 chapters per language. Many thanks to all who have supported me. Especially to the editor of Cupinfo, for his permanent motivation and his unsuccessful attempts to improve my English. To Prof. St. Fiddes and David Redfern of the  Blue Arrow Team 1988 for their valuable inputs and to G. Molnar for his permission to use his images of the 12m/US 49. .  
Many thanks as well to the San Diego Boat Movers for their permission to use images from an elder website together with their unique and precise comments of that time. Last not least my special thanks to the America's Cup Event Authority (ACEA). Their permission to publish photos of their database made it possible to improve significantly the quality of the chapter AC 2013. 
In June 2014 a second website www.americas-cup-history.com has been published. It is designed for fast Scrolling on Smart-phones, Tablets and Touch-screens. As Google has set especially in their picture gallery many links on my drawings or pages, the elder website will be continued until further notice.