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Young America (Mermaid) USA 36 lost as a defender the America's Cup in 1995
Yacht / Country	YOUNG AMERICA (Mermaid)	 Sail Number	USA-36	 Syndicate :	        Syndicate PACT 95	 Yacht Club:	        San Diego Yacht Club	 CEO	                J.K. Marshall	 Designer :	        Bruce Nelson	 Boat Builder :     Goetz Custom Sailboats			 Skipper:	        Dennis Conner 1995
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The "Mermaid" or "Dorothy" had to suffer 2 major damages, but was still the fastest yacht in the Citizen
The "Mermaid" or "Dorothy" had to suffer 2 major damages, but was still the fastest yacht in the Citizen Cup, but could not win it. In January 95 swept a tornado-like storm over the Mission Bay and destroyed the Young America's Sail Loft. Parts thereof riddled her hull. The repair cost U$ 600.00. A week before the semifinals the yacht was hit on the tow to the sailing area by a 3 m wave that hit a leak shortly before the keel blade. It  had to be hastily repaired. Dennis Conner as the winner of the Citizen Cup agreed with PACT 95 that he sails the "blond beauty" in the America's Cup. But he used  the main sail with the logos of its contractual main sponsors of US 34. He lost. The agreement with PACT 95 was opposed as a lope hole fiercely by the LVC challengers. They were forced by the protocoll to nominate irrevocable 1 yacht only on April 9th (at the end of the final in the LVC and CC ) Conner could wait as representative of the San Diego YC  (Defender) with its decision until the morning of the 1st AC regatta (theoretically nearly 4 weeks) and in addition had the choice between 3 boats. The beautiful yacht was painted by the famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.