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Australia IV / KA-16 and the Defender Selection Series 1987
Australia IV / KA-16 lost the Final of the DSS 1987
The skipper of 1983 John Bertrand left the team  and Alan Bond missed to employ a perfect management. As  Australia III won 1986 the 12-m World Championship (without Conner, The British challenger, Blacktaller and TaskForce 87) the team concentrated too much on this boat.  On top of that Bond ignored Iain Murray, the young ambitious skipper of the former, poorly financed Advance team. Murray, a talented organizer joined the team of Perrey, became chief manager  and built an impressing team around the new constructions Kookaburra I,II and III.. The beginning of Bond’s team downfall. The boat was never trimmed to an optimum. Ben Lexcen had designed and tested a new keel. This was casted but could not be fixed in time on the yacht. Australia IV reached with Kookaburra II, III and Steak ‘N’Kidney the semifinals of the Defender Series but lost dramatically against Kookaburra III, which became the official defender
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Yacht / Country :  Australia IV / KA-16 Syndicate :           America's Cup Defence 1987 Ltd.; CEO :                   Alan Bond Yacht Club:          Royal Perth Yacht Designer :  :         Ben Lexcen; Boat Builder :       Steve E. Ward & Co. Skipper:               Colin Beashel