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25th AMERICA's CUP 1983  Newport, Rhode Island, USA 
Yacht / Country :  White Crusader / K-24  Syndicate :  :        British America's Cup Challenge                              PLC CEO :                  Graham Walker Yacht Club:  :       Royal Thames Yacht Club Designer :            lan Howlett, David Hollom Boat Builder :       Cougar Marine Skipper:                     Harald Cudmore 1987
The syndicate was a fully commercialized company and came across  with rule 26 which restricted commercial sponsorship and advertising  on hull or sail. During 1986 the IYRU ( International Yacht Racing Union) loosened this rule and took away a lot of pressure on the  British challenger, but also other ones like the KIS Challenge. The syndicate constructed 2 challengers. Crusader I designed by Ian Howlett ( Victory 83 !) as a relative conservative concept. ( Note:  Less known is the experience of the Victory 83  team which  experimented already with a winged keel in 1983. One of the reasons that they supported Allen Bond during  the Keelgate-affair. The second, now  radical construction of the designer David  H. J. Hollom was named Crusader II with the nickname “Hippo”  as her above water shape looked like the body of a hippodrome. Under her new name White Crusader II  she was shipped to Fremantle but did not participate  on the LVC.
The CEO Graham Walker and his team decided to nominate Crusader I as challenger.  As Walker had recently purchased the whiskey brand “White Horse” he called the challenger now “White Crusader “ and used her for his whiskey promotion, flying once a spinnaker with the White Horse logo – coming across with Rule 26. (The first time that an AC yacht was used officially as billboard was Conner’s catamaran US-1 with the logos of Pepsi Cola, Marlboro and Merryl Lynch  in race 2 / AC 1988 )
White Crusader / K-24 and the Louis Vuitton Cup 1987
The syndicate constructed 2 challengers. Crusader I designed by Ian Howlett ( Victory 83 !)
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