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SUI-64 Alinghi first European winner of an AC after 152 years  
Yacht / Country : “ALINGHI “ / CH Sailnumber :        SUI 64 Syndicate :          Team Alinghi CEO :                  Ernesto Bertarelli Yacht Club :         Societe Nautique de Geneve Design :              Grant Simmer, Rolf Vrolijk Boat Builder :      Decision SA, CH Skipper :             Russel Coutts
The British magazine  Yachting World described Alinghis CEO Ernesto Bertarelli  as “one of this second generation phenomenon turning his fathers traditional  pharmaceutical company into a biotech powerhouse.” (Remark: which he sold later at a very profitable price.) In the same stile he founded and organized his team Alinghi. He collected a top team including Russel Coutts, Brad Butterworth and others who know for example the wind situation in the Hauraki Gulf very well.
Grant Simmer , Rolf Vrolijk and others of the design team constructed a top yacht.After the not very successful team FAST 2000 with SUI-59 “Be Happy”, Alinghi became 3 years later the second Swiss team challenging for the AC, which they won with SUI-64. The first time after 152 years the America’s Cup returned to Europe.
At the "unveiling day" when all its participants must show the substructure of their yachts,the Swiss painted as fun a cow on the keel.
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