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New Zealand NZL 60 winner of the America’s Cup 2000  
Yacht / Country	NEW ZEALAND / NZL	 Sail Number	         NZL 60	 Syndicate :	        Team New Zealand, Ltd	 CEO	                 Sir Peter Blake	 Yacht Club:	         Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron	 Designer :	         Laurie Davidson, Clay Oliver	 Boat Builder :	Cookson Boatbuilders			 Skipper:	         Russell Coutts 2000
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The New Zealand syndicate reached with the recent AC victory with the NZL-60 the peak of its success. The design has been improved with the so-called "kink-bow." That means that during the official measurement  the max. Waterline of 90 feet will be not exceeded But if the yacht heels this bow enlarges the construction waterline length according the physical law, "The longer the water line, the faster the boat - or" the length is running. Another improvement was the "Millennium Mast", a special design of a diamond rig which resulted in a lighter and stronger mast. The horizontal tail fins on the bomb were then extended to the boat's width and set to height the vertical fin. Again when the yacht heeled, the  moving up and"shortening keel fin" will be "extended" by the deeper diving fin.