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Kookaburra III: 12m KA 15, the luckless Defender of the America's Cup 1987
The noisy bird Kookaburra belongs to the kingfishers family and gave the Australian 12-m yacht its name. 1987 had all boats, whether Defenders  or Challenger, wing keels of various constructions. As winner of the AC 83 Australia had now to defend the Cup for 1987. Four teams with six boats were nominated for the Defender Selection Series to determine the winner, who then defends alone the Cup. The main opponents were Allen Bond and Kevin Perry. Both sailed (and disputed) under the Royal Perth YC . Australian media criticized that the YC was more concerned about his financial success and cared and showed little interest in a perfect yacht with a strong crew, with the synergy of both teams. Kookaburra III won the Defender Selection Series against Bond's Australia IV but lost the AC against Dennis Conner's US-55.
Yacht / Country	Kookaburra III / Aus	  Sail Number	12 KA 15	 Syndicate :	        Task Force ’87 Americas Cup                           Defender LTD CEO :                 Kevin Parry	 Yacht Club:	Royal Perth Yacht Club	 Designer :	        Jain Murray, John Swarbrick	 Boat Builder :	Parry Boat Builders 1986			 Skipper:	Peter Gilmour (start), Jain Murray	 1987
25th AMERICA's CUP 1983  Newport, Rhode Island, USA 
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