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Il Moro de Venecia V (ITA-25) was the unsuccessful challenger for the America's Cup 1992
1992 Yacht / Country:	IL MORO DI VENEZIA V / Italy	 Sail Number:	        ITA-25 	 Syndicate :             Il Moro di Venezia Syndicate	 Yacht Club:             Compania Della Vela Yacht Club,                                                                      Venice	 CEO	                        Raul Gardini	 Designer :	       German Freres	 Boat Builder :        Tencara at Porto Marghera	 Skipper:	         Paul Pierre Cayard From the challengers the Italian Raul Gardini was  Koch’s  equivalent counterpart.  Gardini financed even 5 yachts,  all called “ Il Moro di Venecia I – V”. “ (ITA-1, -7, -15, - 16 and –25 )  ITA-25 won the LVC against NZL- 20 but missed the America’s Cup. Raul Gardini counted as head of the agricultural  FERUZZI Group with the flagship of the chemical  giant  MONTEDISON to Italy's richest entrepreneurs.  But its many acquisitions, including MONTEDISON,  brought the company into serious financial problems  with dubious political implications. As yet Gardini should be arrested on charges of  corruption and bribery he committed suicide in  July 1993.   Some sources assume on basis of some evidence  even a homicide.
From the challengers the Italian Raul Gardini was Koch’s  equivalent counterpart.
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© San Diego Boat Movers * http://sandiegoboatmovers.com/ * in their elder, but now changed website the San Diego Boat Movers commented this picture as: 1992 saw the first use of the newly introduced International America's Cup Class (IACC) of boats, replacing the 12 meter class which had been used since 1958. In the 1992 finals, the Italian challenger 'IL MORO' (pictured) was defeated by 'AMERICA3', allowing the cup to remain in San Diego.