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Yacht / Country :   oneAustralia Sail No                  AUS 31 and AUS 35 Syndicate :            oneAustrlai Challenge  CEO :                   John Bertrand Yacht Club:            Southern Cross Yacht   Club Designer :             Reichel/Pugh Yacht Design                               Iain Murray & Associates                               David Burns Boat Builder :         John McConaghy Skipper:                 John Bertrand
AUS-31 oneAustralia reached the final of the LVC 95
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With oneAustralia AUS-31 the Australians designed a long, narrow and fast yacht,
With oneAustralia AUS-31 -which had won the IACC World Championship 94- the Australians had a long, narrow and fast yacht, which represented the 2nd generation of the IACC class. The newer AUS -35 was even faster. But during the 4th Round Robin AUS 35 broke suddenly   through in the middle and sank upright in about 2 minutes. No one was injured. Critically, however, became the situation for the 2 men under the foredeck, normally packing or preparing the spinnakers or foresails. The AUS 31 had to be made competitive therefore in no time. . It was again radically changed between the Semifinals and the Final. It was also cast a new lead bomb of ca 20 tons that had to be immediately delivered. The cast was still so hot that a fire broke out on the transport vehicle between San Francisco and San Diego. AUS 31 lost the Final of the LVC against NZL 32.