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AC45 World Series HS Racing as challenger in Naples 2013
Country/ Challenge:USA/ Competitor, AC World Series Syndicate/Team: HS Racing Yacht Club: Golden Gate YC, San Francisc Skipper: Roman Hagara, H.P. Steinacher
HS Racing was the team of Roman Hagara and Hans-Peter Steinacher, the two Austrian, 2-time Olympic champion in the Tornado class. Both are also the Sports Directors of the Red Bull Youth America's Cup.Hagara and Steinacher attended the AC 45 World Series late and  only for 4 days in April 2013 in Naples The team sailed under the Red Bull design but under the  U.S. Flag  for the Golden Gate YC, San Francisco, in partnership with the Oracle team. Participation was made possible by the 4-times AC winner Russell Coutts. The New Zealanders is currently CEO of the Oracle Team. Although the team sailed in Naples on the 8 place, it landed finally on last place due to the short participation.
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Hagara and Steinacher
With the Gennaker of Oracle#5 (Coutts) in a match-race with  Oracle#4 (Spithill)
3. Day/ 3. Race in front of Naples